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Chapter 1 Connect to the Repository

Your administrator should provide you the following information necessary to connect to the iGrafx Platform:

  • iGrafx Platform URL
  • Username
  • Initial Password

This guide assumes that you will learn the product using a repository named "Training" but the repository name that you use might be different.

  1. In the Address bar of your browser enter the appropriate URL and press Enter
  2. For Username, enter the provided Username (case sensitive)
  3. For Password, enter the provided Password (case sensitive)
  4. Click
  5. In the left frame, choose the Model area
    of the iGrafx Platform
  6. The "Training" repository should be displayed:

If the "Training" repository is not displayed, choose it from the repository drop-down located near your login name at the upper right of the page.

Continue to Chapter 2.

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