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18.2.1 Cloud Release Highlights


New Incoming and Outgoing Work Product Relationship

The relationship "Work Product Flow" is now available as an option in both the Described Object and Shape List sections in your Narrative reports! With this addition to Relationships, we can now show what triggers processes and what they produce. Process owners and performers can now include inputs and outputs for any activities described by diagrams and their shapes in their narrative reports.

How to configure a Diagram Narrative report with the new Relationships...
  1. Create a new Report object
  2. Under Settings select the Narrative Template
  3. Under Content Type select A Diagram
  4. Add the sections Object Described By Diagram and Shape List
  5. Under Relationships you’ll find the two new Work Product options, Incoming Work Product and Outgoing Work Product.

  6. Drag and drop them from Not Included to Included
  7. Check In the Narrative Report for later use
How to view Narrative report of a diagram with the new Relationships...
  1. Access that same diagram, with the Process object you configured to include Work Product Flows selected as the described object
    1. Go to File > View Narrative > Choose Narrative

  2. Select the Narrative report you configured to include the sections Object Described By Diagram and Shape List

  3. Click Confirm Selection
  4. This will open your narrative report in a new tab which includes the new shape and diagram-level Work Product Flow data

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