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18.3.2 Datacenter Release Highlights

Diagramming - Format Painter Improvements

While diagramming, specify which formatting to copy from one shape and apply to other shapes.

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Select a shape and click on the Format Painter to copy its formatting. Select other shapes to apply the formatting at the click of a button.

  • Click the Format Painter dropdown to select between All, Shape Styles, and Text Styles

Format Painter.gif

Diagramming - Rapid Pool Resizing

While diagramming, move a shape inside a pool to the edge of the pool to increase the size of the pool more rapidly.

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Pools are more responsive when dragging shapes to the edge of the pool to increase the size of the pool.

  • Moving a shape with sufficient speed will continue to move it out of the pool

Rapid Pool Resizing.gif

Proposed Objects - Proposed RACIs for Display Fields and Layers

Proposed RACI details are now displayed in Display Fields and Layers.

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RACI details that are proposed and not yet approved may now be shown on the diagram with Display Fields and Layers

Proposed RACIs for Display Fields.gif

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