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18.2.4 Datacenter Release Highlights

Diagram Tools - Adjust Space Tool

Add or remove blank space from a diagram with the new Adjust Space tool.

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Increase diagramming productivity by adding and removing blank space in the diagram at the click of a button.

  • Add additional canvas to make space for new diagram objects

  • Add and remove space to improve diagram readability once the diagram is ready to be checked-in for review and use

  • Use the keyboard hotkey Ctrl + M to further increase productivity

  • Find the button for the Adjust Space Tool in the Arrange menu

Adjust Space Tool - Dev-43303.gif
Adjust Spacer Location.png

Reporting - Display count of results

Running reports now displays the total number of results returned in the report.

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Quickly identify the volume of results associated with a report to determine:

  • The overall scope of results associated with the report

  • If the report filters and properties are returning the expected number of results

  • If you need to add more or less filters or properties to get the information you need

Report Count.gif

Reporting - Report on Proposed Objects

Reports now include functionality to report on proposed objects.

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  • Identify where proposed objects exist that need to be evaluated for approval

  • Gain insights on proposed objects, such as the total count of proposed objects

  • See on which shapes proposals have been made

Find more details about reporting on proposed objects here.

Proposed Object Reporting.png

Object Tree - Admin Configuration of Default Root Objects

Administrators may configure which root object are available for each repository.

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  • Improve the rate at which users navigate within content in your repository

  • Reduce clutter in the repository workspace by not displaying empty object types

  • Keep teams focused on object types they have been trained on and add object types as training progresses

Note: Selecting root objects in the Hidden Root Objects menu disables those objects in the Object Tree

Hidden Root Objects.gif

User Profile - Checked Out Objects

See a list of all objects you currently have checked out.

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  • Find out what you have checked out so you can pick up where you've left off

  • Identify what you have checked out that you're no longer working on and needs to be checked back in

Checked Out Objects.gif

Cycle Groups - Manage Cycle Groups

Manage Cycle Groups as an independent permission level setting

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  • Provide users permission to manage cycle groups independent of other permissions

  • Allow some users permissions to manage cycle groups and have no other permissions

Manage Cycles.gif

Customization - Theme Colors

See a preview of the colors selected for the theme when making changes.

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Immediately see what your selected theme colors look like in a preview and make adjustments if the selected colors do not yield the desired theme aesthetic

Theme Preview.gif

Custom Properties - New Types: Percent, PPM (Parts Per Million)

Set custom properties as percent or PPM (Parts Per Million) and use these properties with objects and reporting.

Approval Cycles - Optional Comment Requirements

Administrators may now change repository policies so that users only need to provide comments if they vote "no" on an approval cycle.

Change settings at: Repository Configuration → Policies → Comments → Comments on Approvals

REST API - Purge Recycle Bin

Users with permissions to purge the recycle bin in the UI may use the REST API to purge the recycle bin.

See API details at: Administration → Support → REST API → iGrafx Platform API Documentation → API → Recycling → Recycling → Purge Recycle Bin

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