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Review, Approve, Endorse or Acknowledge an Item (My To-do List)

NEW Acknowledgement Cycles and Bulk Approvals are a new feature. With the introduction of Acknowledgement cycles, Endorsement cycles can be reserved for the actual endorsement, support of an item.

After a Review, Approval, Endorsement or Acknowledgement Cycle is started on an item, all the users in the cycle list will have that item added to their “To-Do List.”

The items on the to-do list may then be checked by the user, and the required action taken.   

  1. In the upper-right corner, click the
     icon next to your name
  2. Click My To-do List from the context menu

    No number/icon is displayed if the user has no actions to take. The number of waiting actions is displayed within the icon.

  3. Your "To-do List" is displayed

    Users who have been granted the 'Allow Bulk Approvals' Repository Role will additionally see check boxes next to items pending approval in their to-do list.  Acting on multiple items at once applies the same vote and comment to all selected items.

  4. Click on a repository item listed on your "To-do List"
  5. The page where you can complete the action is displayed
  6. In the upper-right of the item display, click REVIEW (for Review Cycle), VOTE (for Approval Cycle), ENDORSE (for Endorsement Cycle) or ACKNOWLEDGE (for Acknowledgement Cycle)
  7. Complete the action (it varies by cycle type) and click SUBMIT or VOTE

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