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Compare Diagram Versions

To graphically view what has changed, you can compare repository versions of both Client-authored and web-authored diagrams.

Although both Client and Web diagrams can be compared, this feature is only available via the web interface. The feature is not available in the Client (e.g. FlowCharter) tools.

To compare 2 versions of a diagram:

  1. Select a Client-authored or web-authored diagram in the repository tree 
  2. In the right frame,:
    1. If the HISTORY tab is visible then click it
    2. If a diagram is displayed, then click the Open Object Navigation button
       and then click the HISTORY tab
  3. In the history, click COMPARE for one of the file versions you wish to compare
  4. In the Compare dialog:
    1. Click the To drop-down and choose the other version you wish to compare

    Both diagram versions are displayed with the new version overlaying the old version. In addition, a tabular list of changes is displayed below the diagram.

  5. When done comparing, click the Close Comparison 

When comparing Client diagrams, you must select the diagram object – NOT the .igx document object. In the repository tree, Client diagrams are displayed as children of the .igx Client document.

To find a specific change

  1. In the tabular view, click the row corresponding to the change you wish to highlight in the diagram

To compare versions side-by-side

This option displays both versions of the diagram.

  1. If the comparison is displaying a single version, click the Overlay drop-down and choose Side-By-Side

To overlay versions (with optional blending control)

This option displays both diagram versions with the new version overlaying the old version.

  1. If the comparison is displaying two versions side-by-side, click the Side-By-Side drop-down and choose Overlay
  2. To slide between old and new versions:
    1. Click the Set Overlay Blending button 
    2. Move the slider (see below) left or right as desired

To filter the display

Instead of seeing all changes between versions, you might desire to view only certain types of changes. For example, you may want to view additions only.

  1. Click the Filter 
  2. Select all change types you want displayed
  3. To close the Filter display, click the Filter button again

Legend of Common Change Types

There are over 40 different types of changes displayed with a visual icon indicator. Here are some common indicators:






Change line start or end

Object data changed (e.g. the name of the object changed)

Note added

Modeling data changed (e.g. changed shape Task Type from Automated to Manual)

Changed text or text style

Shape formatting changed (e.g. fill color)

Added Describes relationship from diagram element to an Enterprise Object (e.g. a Process)

Non-versioned Information

As described above, all diagram edits are maintained in the diagram object history. In addition, the item Summary, Purposes, Custom Properties and many Standard Properties are also versioned.

Some item information is not versioned including:

  • Relationships
  • Permissions
  • Selected Standard Properties (e.g. Creator)
  • Checkout Information

When viewing a historical version of a diagram item, the non-versioned information is displayed in gray with a note indicating it is non-versioned (current version) information. For example, the entire RELATIONSHIPS, HISTORY, and PERMISSIONS tabs are displayed gray. 

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