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SAP Objects

SAP Branch Objects, Scenarios, Resources, and Folders are created when you synchronize the iGrafx Platform with SAP Solution manager. You can create new SAP objects as needed in the repository, but only from the iGrafx desktop client, and with the appropriate type of license.

The following topics describe the enterprise objects provided to support SAP in the iGrafx Platform:

  • SAP Process Folders and Branch Objects represent the SAP activities involved in producing the products or services provided by your enterprise. SAP Folders house the SAP Blueprint Projects that are synchronized with SAP Solution Manager. SAP Projects represent activities that are automated in SAP ERP systems.
  • SAP Resource Folders and Objects represent the SAP resources required to perform SAP-automated processes, including organizational structure, functional roles, people, tools such as computer systems and physical equipment, physical locations, and information technology (IT) architecture.
  •  SAP Interface Folders and Objects represent the Logical Components, Modules and Transactions offered by a resource, often a physical resource such as a computer system.
  • SAP Master Data Folders and Objects represent Master Data from SAP used by your information technology (IT) staff to implement systems.

Enterprise object relationships can be made between SAP objects and other enterprise objects via the web and the iGrafx desktop client.

SAP Supporting Process Architecture

The iGrafx Platform can help you relate your supporting SAP processes to your operational processes, indicate where your enterprise implements operational processes using SAP, and support SAP Blueprinting efforts in general. Creating SAP relationships allows you to understand what resources and processes are, affected by SAP. In addition, you can create diagrams that visualize how the operational process landscape is supported by SAP, and add documentation to further detail support of your enterprise processes. You can bridge the gap between the process owner and IT development, ensuring the requirements of the business are reflected in your SAP Blueprinting project.

When you synchronize a Solutions Manager Blueprint project to iGrafx, the SAP process architecture included in that project is created automatically as a set of SAP (Supporting) process landscape objects in the iGrafx Platform repository; so the SAP objects needed for the project will be available to you.