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Release notes - Cloud

This is the Cloud release that gets deployed for iGrafx Enterprise Cloud customers. Cloud releases contain new features on an on-going basis. On-premises releases only get new features in minor releases. All of the accumulated features and resolved issues not already included in an On-premises release will get included in the next On-premises release, 17.8.

For On-premises customers, in the run up to 17.8, additional 17.7.0.x update releases will occur when high priority issues are identified and addressed.

Hotfix TBD


Predeployed Tomcat updated to 9.0.35


Performance - Client Check out/View

(info) This collection of resolved issues represents a noteworthy performance improvement relating to the time taken to check out and/or view IGX documents in the Desktop client which include a large number of described objects, and/or described objects with a large number of relationships,


Performance - Web Diagram describes lookup


Resolved issues

Performance - Checking out an IGX document with lots of IGX diagrams can take a long time if the describes objects have a large number of relationships
Simultaneously starting a large number of cycles at the same time can result in notification issues
DEV-20111Full Screen Navigation issue when using Call Activity to another diagram
DEV-20023Excel preview can show the wrong version of an Excel file
DEV-20254Notification email could contain a previous version of a root folder name
Warning  GroupItemRoleListMapper  can appear in Platform log after deleting a group
DEV-20352JavaScript error in IE when trying to edit Narrative Report header/footer.
Performance - Web diagramming - Describes as-you-type lookup


Client - Unable to view IGX diagram in the Client without See History permission


Performance - Improved User/Group update performance for UI and REST API
Performance - Web diagramming - Describes as-you-type lookup now on-demand
Performance - Web diagramming - Improved heuristic for Describes as-you-type lookup matching


Performance - Web diagramming - Reduced 'Please wait' occurrences during auto-save
Performance - Separate Clear System Cache and Optimize Custom Properties
Multilingual - Contains are shows main language for diagrams/components in an IGX Document


Resolved issues


To Do List shows Username instead of Display name
DEV-20346Custom Properties - Repository Relation - Map Allowed relationships on upgrade
DEV-20351Security vulnerability
Performance - Web Diagram - Improve responsiveness while editing shape text


Resolved issues


HTTP 500 error can occur if external filename contains a percent character (%)
DEV-19394Large scheduled cycle startup can result in an error in the notification email
DEV-19643LDAP - Directory Update Schedule 'Manual' not triggering a cache update
DEV-19761Drag and Drop RACI relationships not working consistently
Performance - User name resolution
DEV-19897JavaScript error on External File Approval Vote if Summary/Purpose changed
Performance - Permissions resolution
DEV-19926Client - History dialog issue with Viewer license and History permission


Resolved issues

DEV-19562Update Copyright information in About page
DEV-19561Client - Update Copyright information in About page, Splash screen and File Details
DEV-18290Performance - Display name lookup
DEV-19118Performance - User Management - Name lookup
DEV-19413Client - Unable to check-in/re-add diagram or component with same name that was previous deleted
DEV-19430Shape Library - Add Built-in and BPMN appears incorrectly under Firefox
DEV-19578Cluster - My Profile 'To-Do' count may not update correctly
DEV-19589Web Diagram - Proposed object names can incorrectly concatenate if the shape text contains a new line
DEV-19591Web Diagram - Proposed object names can contain HTML formatting from diagrams created before 17.6


Highlights of What's New in the Cloud

Multilingual Enhancements

Web Diagrams now support multilingual translation of Notes and diagram Header/Footers through the Languages grid.

Bulk Import/Export of multilingual content is now supported by way of Excel XML interchange. For Repository objects,  from the View languages page and for Web diagrams, using File Export/Import.  For Repository objects, In addition to repository object names, summary and purpose are also supported.

Improved usability in the in-place language switcher.  Languages with content are highlighted in the list.

Performance  Refinements   

This release contains additional refinements targeting performance when working with larger repositories. Areas include, but are not limited to:

  • interactions with complex reports
  • background interactions with the full text indexer
  • interactions with the To-do page and To-do gadget in with a large number of cycles
  • interactions with long running operations

Report, Shortcut and Relationship Enhancements

Improved functionality reporting on approved only objects.

Shortcuts to approved objects are now supported and appear to users who do not have View unapproved permissions.

RACI relationships can now be created to non-Labor resources.

Content creators can now create shareable links to diagram elements.  When the links are followed, the diagram is opened and the chosen diagram element is shown.

Shape List Narrative section now supports a detailed list in addition to tabular view.

Administration Enhancements

Refinements to Administration and Repository Configuration permissions. Administrators can now white list supported External File types and disable the editing of email templates.


DEV-2640Multilingual - Web Diagram - Export diagram element text to Excel file
DEV-2641Multilingual - Repository - Export object names to Excel file
DEV-2642Multilingual - Web Diagram - Import diagram element text from Excel file
DEV-2643Multilingual - Repository - Import object names from Excel file
DEV-12621Shortcuts to approved objects should show in "View Approved only"
DEV-13697Multilingual - Include Diagram Element Notes in View Languages view
DEV-17141Multilingual - Include Diagram Header/Footer sections in View Languages view
DEV-17159Security enhancement - User management
DEV-17160Administration - Support White list of allowed external file upload types
DEV-17164Security enhancement - Email templates
DEV-17302Multilingual - View Languages Grid - Allow user to navigate the grid using arrow keys
DEV-17340REST API - Check if repositories are upgraded
DEV-17702History should have an entry for when a single object is moved (not it's children)
DEV-17765Repository Role - Manage Repository (Configuration) and new Server Role - Manage Repositories
DEV-17864Security enhancement - Administrator option to disable editing email templates
DEV-18031Multilingual - Dashboard Gadgets - Support multilingual Rich Text Gadget
DEV-18199Multilingual - Web Diagram Languages Grid - Allow user to cut/copy/paste using keyboard
DEV-18202Multilingual - View Languages Grid - Allow user to cut/copy/paste using keyboard
DEV-18478Multilingual - Web Diagram - Export 'rich format' diagram element text to Excel
DEV-18479Multilingual - Web Diagram - Import 'rich format' diagram element text from Excel
DEV-18499Multilingual - Web Diagram - Import Header/Footer from Excel file
DEV-18500Multilingual - Web Diagram - Export Header/Footers to Excel file
DEV-18501Multilingual - Web Diagram - Import notes from Excel file
DEV-18502Multilingual - Web Diagram - Export notes to Excel file
DEV-18503Multilingual - Repository - Import Summary/Purpose from Excel file
DEV-18504Multilingual - Repository - Export Summary/Purpose text to Excel file
DEV-18658Multilingual content should work with browser spell checker / screen readers (browser compliance depending)
DEV-18660Multilingual - Indicate which languages have content in the in-place flag picker drop-down
DEV-18697Dashboard - Show Gadget changes in the Dashboard history
DEV-18816Relationships - Enhance RACI to support relationships to all Resource Types
DEV-18825REST API - Get Users Filtered by Email, Last Name, First Name or Login Name
DEV-18828Web Diagram - Improve diagram Import UI
DEV-18918Narrative - Add Detailed List configuration option to Shape List section
DEV-19038REST API - Support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
DEV-19119Web Diagram - Add ability to share a link to a diagram element

Performance refinements

DEV-17872User Management - Link user to resource
DEV-18261Improved performance tree load
DEV-18280Update Search Result Limit UI to match new style
DEV-18306Show inline 'please wait' when showing the picker tree
DEV-18307Show inline 'working' indication for User Management User/Group intellitype lookups
DEV-18374Default object limit for new repositories should be 1000
DEV-18385Improve background full text indexing
DEV-18419Improve responsiveness copying a large numbers of objects
DEV-18480Show inline 'working' indication for Effective Permissions intellitype lookups
DEV-18578Reduce server overhead running a complex report
DEV-18622Improve To-Do Page and To-Do gadget performance
DEV-18648Show inline 'please wait' when loading the Describes Preview
DEV-18676Web Diagram - Improve editing responsiveness
DEV-18762Make the global/partial 'Please wait...' period configurable
DEV-18784Show inline 'working' indication for tree Refine and canceled tree Refine
DEV-18785Show 'Finish' inline 'working' indication for Add Relationships
DEV-18957Client makes unnecessary secondary calls on get/view

Resolved Issues

DEV-14431Client - API - ItemFromDiagram can return the wrong item if the parent document was copied
DEV-15831Licensing - License properties time and display time in platform don't match
DEV-16024Moving multiple items in full screen view keeps moved objects checked
DEV-16123Viewing History tab for some diagrams can trigger a JavaScript error
DEV-16558Order of Sections (RACI, Contains, etc) is inconsistent between folders and objects
DEV-17038Web Diagram - Tooltip says Open Object Navigation when it should say close
DEV-17222Client - Wrong repository inspected when attaching resources to IGX document
DEV-17772Chart - Changing Axis Scale Doesn't Work
DEV-17898Reporting - Report ignores 'View Approved Only' mode for users with 'View unapproved' permission - shows results as if not in mode
DEV-18214Chart - Deleting Axis causes JavaScript error and stops PI Chart from working
DEV-18372Web Diagram - Add link dialog doesn't get default focus
DEV-18394Object tree folder name cut short when scrolling all the way to the right
DEV-18397Delete icons for Custom Property Repository relations in Create new object dialog misaligned
DEV-18399No keyboard focus when assigning a user a role in a process
DEV-18404Add Button Disappears When Default Order is Pressed in Repository Tree
DEV-18426Client - API - Custom property value set in BeforeCheckIn event is not saved
DEV-18477Summary edit allows pasting/serialization of invalid characters, leading to Client 500 error when expanding Repository tree
DEV-18513No email notification once a diagram is approved
DEV-18514IGX Import - Line routing has significant issues with imported Visio file loaded through IGX import
DEV-18515'Analyze & Fix' reports duplicate error
DEV-18527REST API - Can let you create object with the same name
DEV-18543Web Diagram - Header/Footer shows false data when view with "view approved only"
DEV-18549Multilingual - Selecting a shape with external text does not highlight it in the languages grid
DEV-18569Swimlanes are not properly exported to Automation
DEV-18573Narrative Template adding new section double scroll and empty space
DEV-18600Web Diagram - Diagramming Properties panel needs padding
DEV-18601Web Diagram - Diagramming Properties - No text display when selecting Event Sub-Process
DEV-18640Database Error can occur
DEV-18663Reporting - Inherent Risk and Residual Risk missing in Download Data to Excel
DEV-18679User management - Letterlinks on page(s) revert the filter back to 'Enabled'
DEV-18698API - Importing diagram into an existing diagram doesn't show shape image
DEV-18704Web Diagram - Entered zoom level is ignored if it happens to be less than lower range/greater than higher range
DEV-18716Web Diagram - Fullscreen 'Please Wait' appears when viewing checked-in diagram's describes preview
DEV-18721Client - VSM diagrams custom data text fields can get lost on Timeline configuration change
DEV-18722Dashboard selection drop-down-list shows unapproved Dashboards
DEV-18723Web Diagram - Lines can route oddly near X=0 or Y=0 coordinates
DEV-18724Unapproved EOs appear in the Contains area in View Approved Only mode
DEV-18778Copying large number of objects can result in error
DEV-18809Compare Change Description for Footer is wrong in English
DEV-18810Chrome 'Save password' feature can break the User management - User page
DEV-18822Web Diagram - Unable to Export diagram after canceling Export diagram
DEV-18829Web Diagram - Shapes with Headers behave incorrectly in the Multilingual Languages Grid
Security vulnerability
DEV-18864Multilingual - Change can fail if editing the default lane text when in a non-repository main language.
DEV-18870Web Diagram - Detaching a line label from a line can causes a JavaScript error
DEV-18886Missing stored procedure igxCompareBlobs can occur when upgrading from v15 repositories
DEV-18902Unable to view old approved documents by Viewer license user
DEV-18903Web Diagram - Duplicate Case Labels Possible
DEV-18913Web Diagram - Collapsed sub-process link can stop working
DEV-18919Web Diagram - Default case name not preserved during bpmn export/import.
DEV-18920Web Diagram - Decision cases mishandles existing lines being dragged off and onto them.
DEV-18982Security role for viewing users/groups doesn't paginate
DEV-18988Administration - After changing a repository short name you cannot create a new repository with the old name
DEV-19024Client - API - Changes to custom properties in BeforeAddDocument are ignored
DEV-19066Web Diagram - Export/Import IGXW loses images if the file is imported into a different repository
DEV-19116Proposed Objects - Trying to ACCEPT ALL on a duplicate proposed object causes a JavaScript error
DEV-19120IGX Import - File links which equate to Repository links are not converted on Import
DEV-19124Web Diagram - Viewing Describes for an old version triggers a full screen error if it references a deleted object
DEV-19132Dashboard - JavaScript error can occur with a Web diagram shown in a Dashboard Iframe gadget leading to indefinite 'Please wait...'
DEV-19236Typo in German BPMN Shape Palette Shape Legend
DEV-19307Narrative Relationship Section Headings are missing


Highlights of What's New in the Cloud

Performance  Refinements   

This release heavily focuses on refinements targeting performance when working with larger repositories. Areas include, but are not limited to:

  • interactions with repositories containing a large number of objects
  • interactions with folders containing a large number of children
  • interactions with large user/group bases
  • interactions with large custom property sets
  • interactions with objects which have a large number of relationships


This release introduces a new IN operator, with it's counterpart NOT IN. Filters which test the same object for different values should be connected by using IN or NOT IN instead of by a string of AND and OR statements.  These new operators are considerably more efficient and result in a much easier to read Filter.

Multilingual Enhancements

In addition to Repository object names, diagram element text and notes, this release additionally allows you to edit a  repository objects Summary/Purpose, Header/Footers for Web diagrams and Narrative, and Dashboard gadget titles also support editing in multiple languages, in-place, directly in the Platform.

Refining this experience further, you can now  switching between edit languages in-place during an explicit edit by way of clicking on the flag.

The View languages grid for Web diagrams has also been improved and now synchronizes the diagram and view/grid selection to provide better context for edits.  Additionally, the grid can be traversed using the keyboard.

Multilingual content created in IGX diagrams in the iGrafx Desktop Client is now also preserved on Import to a Web diagram.

New Relationships

Support added for capabilities enabling Process, Activities and  Journeys.

Support added for capabilities applying to External Agents.

Shape Library

Shape Libraries can now be exported and imported.  Additionally items within a Shape Library can now be re-ordered.


DEV-12697Platform - REST API for Shape Libraries to Export to JSON
DEV-14312Platform - Ability to Export a Shape Library
DEV-14313Platform - Ability to Create a Shape Library from an exported file
DEV-14415Platform - REST API for Shape Libraries to Create from JSON
DEV-16326Multilingual - User's content language is used when editing summary/purpose
DEV-16328Multilingual - User's content language is used when editing diagram header/footers
DEV-16555Contains view - Make REORDER look like full screen reorder
DEV-16774Multilingual - Allow user to resize the tree column in Repository View languages
DEV-17021Multilingual - Language row and first column should be sticky in Web diagram View languages
DEV-17052Multilingual - Sync diagram element selection/view with View languages
DEV-17143IGX Import - Import multilingual translations of diagram elements, notes and header/footers
DEV-17144Shape Library - Allow user to reorder Shape Library Items
DEV-17231Multilingual - Only show 'View languages' in the Language picker menu when in Model area
DEV-17258Multilingual - Show content locale in the Add Object dialog
DEV-17287Multilingual - Web Diagram - Arrow key navigation in View Languages
DEV-17300Reports - Add 'Undo Checkout' to Settings page
DEV-17357Multilingual - Diagram Element Note - Allow user to switch edit session language in-place
DEV-17359Multilingual - Rename - Allow user to switch edit session language in-place
DEV-17361Multilingual - In-place language switching for Summary/Purpose
DEV-17365Web Diagram - Add 'edit' mode to Note Window
DEV-17481REST API - Summary and Purpose should not both be required when setting standard object properties
DEV-17767Multilingual - Web Diagram - User's content language is used when editing gateway/decision labels
DEV-17793REST API - Ability to kick off a previously configured cycle
DEV-17804REST API - Unable to determine Platform extensions and Trial state
DEV-18000Multilingual - Dashboard - User's content language is used when editing titles
Analyze & Fix - Remove orphaned diagrams
DEV-18294Analyze & Fix - Repair orphaned automatic diagram/swimlane relationships
DEV-18347Enhance "Enables/Enabled By" to support Business Capabilities 
DEV-18474Enhance "Is Capabilty For/Has Capability" to support External Agent

Performance Refinements

DEV-16563Reporting - Refine collection based reporting
DEV-16958Multiple object deletion
DEV-17150Effective Permission lookup
DEV-17371Freemarker.core error "typeLicensedForEdit" possible under heavy user load
DEV-17406Clustering performance can be affected by large scale user base
DEV-17411Refine results in the Contains area
DEV-17413Refine results in the Model tree


 Repository Configuration defines maximum number of results returned
DEV-17488Inline Please wait indicators for Custom Properties and Tree expand 
DEV-17494Refine results in the object picker
Repository Search query refinements
DEV-17613User Manager Caching  refinements
DEV-17618Cluster Synchronization refinements
DEV-17620Allow user access during large LDAP directory sync
DEV-17652Dashboard load refinements
DEV-17761Reporting - New operator 'IN' (faster than x or y or z)

Custom Properties - secondary load of reverse relationships

DEV-17783Administration - License Management
DEV-17963Group Manager Caching refinements
DEV-17975Client - Describes lookup and Choose Object search
DEV-17990Client - 'Show Header/Footer in Diagram' can impact editing
DEV-18019Client - History dialog in Custom Property heavy repository
Deadlock prevention refinements
DEV-18249Effective Permission lookup
Administration - User Management
Client - Add/Check in dialog in Custom Property heavy repository


Custom Properties load  refinements
Tree and page load refinements
DEV-18613To-do Dashboard Gadget refinements

Resolved issues

DEV-16043Double Clicking the Start Cycle Button Throws Error
DEV-16267Desktop Client does not remember a changed connection password
DEV-16375Platform based relationships on an IGX Diagram can be lost after check out/check in
DEV-16530Reporting - "approvalGroupActionPending" can show incorrect group members
DEV-16566Web Diagram - Undoing color changes doesn't reset the page fill icon's color.
DEV-16567Repository name gets pushed to a new line when tree is shrunk
DEV-16568Repository tree - Text fade goes beyond the object
DEV-16732Breadcrumb icon doesn't update when switching subtype
DEV-16740Search does not return approved items for "view approved only" users if there is a newer version
DEV-16814RACI Relationships not maintained when creating a Process object from a Client Diagram Shape
DEV-16911Role Assignment dialog doesn't have default keyboard focus
DEV-16937Choose Destination dialog needs default keyboard focus
DEV-16945Authentication - Improve handling of federtationmetadata.xml
DEV-16972REST API - Deleted AD User comes back as enabled when modified via REST API
DEV-17041Web based Narrative on IGX diagrams display incorrect Shape Numbers
DEV-17136Web Diagram - Changing font styling on a shape with no text results in 'undefined' 
DEV-17184Multilingual - Unable to translate IGX diagram names
DEV-17193Rename dialog doesn't respond to the enter key
DEV-17201Dashboards - User can encounter a JavaScript error if they don't have permission to a dashboard
DEV-17221Web Diagram - Proposed objects don't pick up secondary language translations for diagram elements
DEV-17249Web Diagram - Lines do not stay connected to original (center) points when resized
DEV-17259Web Diagram - New diagram from File/Import from File - BPMN doesn't use current locale
DEV-17262Web Diagram - Single Click on Shape enters text mode when multiple shapes are selected
DEV-17266Web Diagram - Undoing Add Text to Line misbehaves
DEV-17268Folder containing shortcuts expands slightly on View Languages page
DEV-17301Search ignores "." between numbers - different behavior than Process Central
DEV-17328Web Diagram - View can shift when you click on shape to edit
DEV-17342Client - Changes to Multilingual Header/Footers don't appear until you make a primary language change or re-open the file
DEV-17368Web Diagram - 'View Languages' message is missing padding
DEV-17383Web Diagram - Text objects incorrectly have transparency controls
DEV-17384Web Diagram - Cancelling out of Font Size change can leave the toolbar in a bad state
DEV-17390Client - Full Path field ignores the 'hide file extension' option
DEV-17391Web Diagram - Dragging an enterprise object onto a curved line causes a JavaScript error
DEV-17452Web Diagram - Describes page shows SAP In-scope inversed
DEV-17456IGX Diagram links sometimes open in a new browser tab
DEV-17460Web Diagram - Interline text spacing under Internet Explorer doesn't match spacing in edit mode
DEV-17505Permissions - Assigning a new administrative owner to a repository with all descendants checked can fail
DEV-17549Multilingual Header/Footers - Describes Object name translations in header are not properly enabled
Cannot search by First and Last name in Custom Cycle Group
DEV-17575Custom property reverse relation property name not aligned with text
DEV-17591Custom Property - Error can occur in Item Property tab with large number of properties
DEV-17596Web Diagram - Group Artifact appears behind Swimlane
DEV-17619Performance Indicators - Rollup always show Traffic Light in grey for data out of scope
DEV-17643Web Diagram - Unable to check in with large number of properties 
DEV-17655Tabbing into main header search bar does not open search input
DEV-17756IGX Import - Images don't import correctly
DEV-17782Choose Objects dialog can throw error creating a Supported By relationship "Unable to serialize delta request for sessionid"
DEV-17787REST API - "relationships" endpoint does not support PosesThreatTo/threatPosedBy
DEV-17818Dashboard - Renamed Dashboard object does not appear correctly in the Dashboard Dropdown list
DEV-17828REST API - "Set object custom properties" call returns true for value not in Selection List
DEV-17856Copied Object does not change ownership to the user copying the object
DEV-17863End User License Agreement page doesn't escape single quote in name
DEV-17866Permissions - Duplicate scrollbar can appear with a large number of assignments


Security vulnerabilities fixed
DEV-17878Switching object tabs can result in a "Be Expected .length>0, not met" error
DEV-17879Contains section footer can appear in front of Please wait message
DEV-17882Cycles - Scheduling a cycle to start 9000 years after a cycle completes throws server error
DEV-17888Copying a huge amount of text into a shape can cause a database error
DEV-17897Report heading for boolean type is missing
DEV-17924Schedule Cycle Table duplicate entries can cause error on Platform restart
DEV-17925IGX Diagrams do not show Diagram/Swimlane based indicators for RACI/Supported By relationships
DEV-17953Approval Item Property (Contains view column/Item Property page) is inconsistent with other areas
DEV-17959Audit - Successful Client logins are not included in the Audit log
DEV-17970Possible to create same name diagrams in the same folder
DEV-17977Object picker - Tree only shows valid path if user has rights to parent
DEV-18015Dashboard - Link to report does not work from dashboard area
DEV-18154Web Diagram - Very long continuous strings can slowdown moving shapes
DEV-18169Directory Sync - Editing configuration triggers immediate sync on lead cluster node
DEV-18178Long custom property names can result in an error after upgrade to 17.5.3
DEV-18211Web Diagram - Adding hyperlink to selected text duplicates text
DEV-18212Cycles - Cannot Cancel In-Progress Cycle started by schedule with "After a set amount of time"
DEV-18220Client - Error message when running RapiDOE with Minitab 18.1
DEV-18239Swimlane based relationships get left behind when an IGX Client diagram is deleted from a multi-diagram file
DEV-18269Support - Downloading the support zip can take a very long time with large user bases
DEV-18293Deleted IGX diagrams can appear in Platform Described by page
DEV-18308Permissions - Add Object doesn't show active after granting permission
DEV-18328User name for deleted users does not display in Contains section Item properties
DEV-18383Performance - Web diagram - Header/Footer edit in Custom Property heavy repository
DEV-18400Web Diagram - Improve paste behavior when clipboard contains a header/footer tag or bitmap image
DEV-18422Client - Search not working in Object Picker for Repository Relation Custom Property in 17.6.0
DEV-18460Full text search not indexing everything in XLSX files
DEV-18533Manage Repositories - Enable button can appear when it shouldn't
DEV-18541Cycles - Improve behavior of scheduled cycles with automatic approval
DEV-18564Dashboard - "Viewer" cannot see performance indicators or charts
DEV-18574Predeployed Tomcat updated to 9.0.26
DEV-18594Web Diagram - Provides Benefit To/Provided By does not appear in the Describes Preview
DEV-18597Custom Properties - Incoming relationships are not correctly filtered for display
DEV-18633Reporting - Download Data missing Inherent Risk and Residual Risk
DEV-18679User Management - Navigating between pages with letter quick links forgets the View state (Enabled/Disabled/All)


Resolved issues

DEV-17533Web Diagram - Proposed Objects - Describes List "Accept All" does not commit proposed relationships
DEV-17541Reporting - Reorder of a checked in Report gives a spurious error message
DEV-17545Duplicate "Please Wait" messages when loading a large number of custom properties
DEV-17550Platform Version Endpoint should include internal build number
DEV-17551Web Diagram - Proposed Objects - Describes List "Accept All" incorrectly replaces customized diagram element text
DEV-17580User Management - Unable to email address as user name
DEV-17593Predeployed Tomcat updated to 9.0.19
DEV-17594Error on upgrade from On premise 17.5.3 to Cloud 
DEV-17599Repository Configuration - Repository tree incorrectly shows IGX file extension when configured not to
DEV-17616User Management - Search for User can result in user not being highlighted
DEV-17639User Management - Group count is incorrect after a user is deleted
DEV-17649Dashboard - Rich text gadget displays an error when edited in languages other than English
DEV-17650Performance - User Management page slow to open with very large user directory
DEV-17754User with single quote in name cannot check out objects
DEV-17796Reporting - Approved property can display incorrect value
DEV-17797Cycle emails incorrectly sent to users that have been deleted in remote directory
DEV-17817REST API - Approved property can return incorrect value


Resolved issues

DEV-17663Web Diagram - JavaScript Error - "Lines require two points" on view


Resolved issues

DEV-17305Clicking on shape in imported diagram may throw a JavaScript error
DEV-17330Enterprise Object Creation - Item Properties page shows "Approved = True", Report shows "Approved = False"
DEV-17426GlobalExceptionResolver - com.igrafx.shared.exceptions.PCException: OTHER_ERROR under heavy load
DEV-17446Report - JavaScript Error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token on Settings tab
DEV-17469Web Diagram - Change Shape can apply to lines, causing JavaScript errors later
DEV-17483REST API - Unable to get/set non-cycled Approved state
DEV-17486Show Custom Properties section while loading properties in Item Properties page
DEV-17487Refinements to Custom Property loading sequence
DEV-17500Diagram via import from igx not showing option "from igx document" in version section
DEV-17501Refinements to Object Picker search loading sequence
DEV-17502Copying an object that has been renamed gives a "Name Exists" error
DEV-17521Custom Property restriction not applying to diagram elements in Repository Configuration page
DEV-17526Web Diagram - Describes fields don't update when object is renamed
DEV-17535JavaScript Error "cannot read property 'objDiff' of null" comparing versions
DEV-17537JavaScript Error "t.replace is not a function" adding label text to shape and doing diagram compare
DEV-17547REST API - Creating RACI from a resource to an Organization resource gives error


Resolved issues 

DEV-17401Update ObjectCTE to support updated Resource Type model
DEV-17403Update Item Property Resource Type "Applies To"
DEV-17425Please wait/Javascript error on Web diagram Approval
DEV-17449Javascript error "Unexpected token" can trigger after diagram import when specific shape library objects are used
DEV-17453Javascript error can occur on copy/paste from another diagram
DEV-17459Unable to convert shape to call activity when using an imported diagram


Highlights of What's New in the Cloud

Video showing some of the features listed in the release notes below.

Multilingual Enhancements

Repository object names, diagram element text and notes can now be edited in multiple languages, in-place, directly in the Platform.

Users can now switch between content languages quickly, and have the ability to choose a discrete user interface language.

Additionally, repository object and diagram element text can be edited simultaneously in multiple languages.

 Support added for multilingual IGX diagram import into Web diagrams

New Objects and Relationships

Enhanced threat and benefit modelling including all new  Opportunity and Opportunity Instance objects (with the PRC module).

New Capability object with the ability to model:

  • capability delivery of Products and Business Services
  • which Process, Activities and Journeys capabilities enable
  • which Product, Business Service, Moment and Touches require certain capabilities

Added support for Robotic Process Automation modeling including a new labor type resource Bot and the ability to model whether a resource is unattended.

Improved Enterprise Relationship documentation

Web Diagram and Shape Library

New Journey Map diagram type and supporting Shape Library.

Line refinements including:

  •  New arrowheads

  • The ability to control curved line routing and add control points

Enhanced formatting control for diagram element shadows and image opacity.

Ability to include builtin shapes in a custom shape library and create a custom shape library from a builtin library.


Report and Dashboard Enhancements

Ability to include generic list and table reports in a Dashboard.

Narrative now supports including rich text sections, and for approved diagrams, effective dates.  


DEV-10910Maintain LDAP user relation across DN changes
DEV-14594Shape Library - Create a new Shape Library based on a copy of an existing or built-in library
DEV-15042Shape Library - Create a new Shape Library Item based on a copy of a built-in library item
DEV-15334Web Diagram - Add control handles to Curved lines
DEV-15359Add Cluster support for Scheduled Cycles and Active Directory
DEV-15362Change meaning of 'Add Diagram Comment' to include View Own Comments
DEV-15372Entity Relationship diagram - Add Crow's Foot / ERD arrow heads
DEV-15373IGX to Web - Map additional arrow head styles once we have Crow/ERD
DEV-15392Web Diagram - Allow paste of image into Header/Footer text
DEV-15598Email Notifications - New section for Watched Object Notifications
DEV-15605User Management - Display filter for Enabled/Disabled users
DEV-15606User Management - Improve display of Enabled/Disabled users
DEV-15622Web Diagram - Shadow control
DEV-15623IGX Import - Maintain shadow on a shape based on IGX diagram shadow on/off state
DEV-15624Maintain LDAP group relations across DN changes
DEV-15641Email Notifications - New Watched object notification for Make Current Approved
DEV-15734Web Narrative - Add Rich Text section
DEV-15745Web Narrative - Add Effective Dates section
DEV-15765IGX Import - Tally used diagram colors and build up the Custom colors list
DEV-15771Web diagram - Add overall transparency control for Fill and Line colors
DEV-15969Web diagram - Allow user to drag and drop shapes from the Shape Legend
DEV-16010IGX Import - Preserve Fill and Line alpha transparency
DEV-16080Add Journey Object and supporting folders
DEV-16081Add Moment Object
DEV-16082Add Touch Object
DEV-16083Add Subtypes to Journey Objects
DEV-16084Add Capability Object and supporting folders
DEV-16085Add Subtypes to Capability Objects
DEV-16086Add Product Object
DEV-16087Add Business Service Object
DEV-16088Add Opportunity Object
DEV-16089Add Opportunity Instance Object
DEV-16092IGX Import - Respect 'Show X marker inside all exclusive gateways' marker setting on import
DEV-16190Support changing the repository GUID when registering a repository through the REST API
DEV-16191IGX Import - Client Call Activity should be imported as Call Activity
DEV-16196Report - Expose Check In and Check Out in Settings page footer
DEV-16198Web Narrative - Show Narrative in a new tab
DEV-16201Entity Relationship diagram - Allow a user to easily create a connector line loop back to the same shape
DEV-16222Email Notification - Links to Web or IGX Documents/Diagrams should always go to Diagram view
DEV-16241Add Problem as a new subtype for Risk
DEV-16242Add Bot as a new Resource type
DEV-16251Add new relationships for Capability object
DEV-16306Multilingual - Table view languages for Diagram element text
DEV-16307Multilingual - View repository object names in multiple languages
DEV-16308Multilingual - Ability to switch UI/Content language from high level UI (next to Profile menu)
DEV-16309Multilingual - Promote 'Main editing language' to one of many languages
DEV-16315Multilingual - User can opt-in to have separate content and UI languages
DEV-16317Multilingual - Repository Configuration option to change the Main repository language
DEV-16321Multilingual - User's content language is used when editing diagram shape text
DEV-16322Multilingual - User's content language is used when editing diagram notes
DEV-16323Multilingual - Pick one display language and eliminate "Automatically Detect Language" from My Profile
DEV-16324New Report Gadget
DEV-16325Multilingual - Give new users and legacy users using "automatic" language a prompt to pick a language
DEV-16398IGX Import - Version number should be carried over and incremented
DEV-16436Journey Map - New diagram type
DEV-16438Journey Map - New built-in Shape Library
DEV-16448Add new Resource setting 'Attended' for Bot Resource type
DEV-16462Multilingual - Show flags for primary markets in lieu of two digit country codes (next to Profile menu/in list)
DEV-16482Add Object - Improve to show choices of diagrams in a single list
DEV-16483Add Object - Remember previous diagram type, sub-type created
DEV-16493Add new targets for Risk related relationships
DEV-16494Add new Opportunity relationships
DEV-16496Update PRC section name to reflect Opportunities and update groupings
DEV-16506Add new Repository Permission - 'Manage Opportunity Configuration'
DEV-16522Web Diagram - Expose Transparency control for Bitmap/SVG shapes
DEV-16526Create relationship when Risk Instance, Performance Indicator and Control Inst/Opp Inst created under new objects
DEV-16532Multilingual - Rework Repository Configuration Languages page
DEV-16752CRUD item roles via REST API
DEV-16773REST API - Add new objects to 'Create new standard object' REST API
DEV-16776REST API - Unified Get/Set Object subtype REST API
DEV-16777Multilingual - Show name changes in Repository Object history page
DEV-16778Multilingual - Allow edit of a single translation from View languages view
DEV-16779Multilingual - Allow a user to clear a repository object name translation
DEV-16780Multilingual - Open View languages view with current location expanded to
DEV-16783Multilingual - Keep tree column of View languages in view (frozen)
DEV-16784REST API - Add optional subtype ID to generic Create object
DEV-16787Multilingual - Table edit languages for Diagram element text
DEV-16791Add SHA-2 (specifically SHA-256) authentication support for Single Sign On (SSO)
DEV-16797Multilingual - Show country flag in Repository Object history page
DEV-16826SAP - New SAP Branch folder object
DEV-16827SAP - Rename SAP Project object to SAP Branch
DEV-16839Multilingual - Show country flag in Repository Configuration - Languages
DEV-16840Multilingual - Show country flag in Diagram Compare changes
DEV-16932Allow Describes for Business Service on Pools and Diagrams
DEV-16939Multilingual - Expose Language outside of Model area
DEV-16961Evolve new "Opportunity Posed By/Provides Opportunity For" and existing "Threat Posed By/Poses Threat To" relationships
DEV-16962Evolve name of new relationship "Capability/Realized By" to "Has Capability/Is Capability For"
DEV-16963Evolve name of new relationship "Delivers/Depends On" to "Delivers/Delivered By"
DEV-16964Evolve new "Has Opportunity/Opportunity For" and existing "Has Risk/Risk For" relationships
DEV-17015Multilingual - Refine the look of the high level language picker
DEV-17016Web diagram - Make switching from an invisible theme color easier to understand
DEV-17017SAP - Prevent old synchronizer from Syncing with 17.6 or later
DEV-17210Multilingual - Show content locale in Rename modal, Diagram element edit session and Note window
DEV-17212REST API - Update the Customization/Configuration to include Default Server Language

Resolved issues

DEV-12368REST API - Add Risk Fact documentation does not specify timezone for date
DEV-13082Reporting: References to ancestors (more than 5 levels) throw errors.
DEV-15031Comments from checking in an object don't show line breaks/spacing in the history tab
DEV-15124Repository Configuration - Restrict Relationships by Object Type not width limited
DEV-15132Report headers still sometimes not aligned
DEV-15247Text color icon swatch in text editor should always be grey
DEV-16059Import IGX from previous version always grab latest
DEV-16109Web diagram - User should not be able to disconnect a previously connected line
DEV-16137Create object with "watch this object & create another" checked off and cancelling moves selected item
DEV-16140Text Pushes Number to New Line
DEV-16144Gadget gets locked in place and can't move it
DEV-16145Underlining color offset in rich text editor.
DEV-16147Clicking Image in Rich Text Editor throws Javascript Error
DEV-16153Rich Text Editor not Appearing if Clicked off and Reopened
DEV-16229Repository Config > Resources > User to Resource Linking can take a long time to load with thousands of users
DEV-16230TIM action handler list outdated
DEV-16253Web Diagram - Pasting text from Word displays metadata
DEV-16256Comment list reply text box truncated
DEV-16269Flyout tabs doesn't fully cover bar on IGX documents/diagrams
DEV-16333Deleted AD user still occupies licenses
DEV-16376Unable to set On a Calendar cycle setting using arrow keys with Firefox
DEV-16380Approval History for deleted objects not removed from database
DEV-16386IQL - Typing certain characters into Filter cause a full screen 'Other error'
DEV-16388Headers Footers - Web Diagramming - Book Mode shifts Footers down incorrectly
DEV-16389Propose Object when using "Change shape" proposes wrong type
DEV-16401Japanese translation of "Ancestors" not correct
DEV-16447Described text - Boldness of Text Block (Ctrl-B) isn't maintained if described object is renamed
DEV-16450Web diagram - Connector line snapping needs to be less aggressive now we support unconnected
DEV-16460Search problems when words are longer than 24 characters
DEV-16554Sticky footer appears twice for Enterprise Objects in REORDER mode
DEV-16677Imported IGX diagram from repository not created in folder when creating via 'create child object'
DEV-16694Custom properties appear on wrong object types
DEV-16738Client crashes when using intellisense with an older repository
DEV-16739Client - VBA - GetInterface event causes run-time error 14
DEV-16746Client copyright date needs to be updated
DEV-16775Copy of Built-In Library not preserving shape styling
DEV-16782Shapes dragged in from shape legend have shadows disabled
DEV-16785Migrated client diagram is missing version label in history reference
DEV-16811Arrowheads do not respect the transparency of lines.
DEV-16845Approval Cycle Reminder set to Never when Cycle group changed
DEV-16849Scheduled Cycle Initial Reminder Getting Set To NEVER After Manual Initial Approval
DEV-16854Improve translation on the first login screen
DEV-16855Translation of "descendant" is not appropriate
DEV-16858Hitting Enter key on object creation causes full screen reload - unlike clicking Finish
DEV-16925Performance trend values display incorrectly for no change
DEV-16940Can't add Performance Indicator
DEV-16970Text mysteriously becomes gigantic on copy-paste
DEV-16978IGX Import - Shape shift and weird lane header sizing issue on import of attached file
DEV-16982IGX Import - Colored end event is not recognized
DEV-16983IGX Import - Formatting is lost on Case labels
DEV-16984IGX Import - Error importing a simplified file with colored case labels
DEV-16985IGX Import - Decision case 'X' not appearing in attached customer file
DEV-16996Documentation for Implements / Implemented By
DEV-17019Web Diagram - Describes page - Documented By doesn't show all the relationships
DEV-17132Cannot unbold while line is selected.
DEV-17153Javascript error on 'Print to PDF'
DEV-17179IGX Client Filename and Diagram name fields do not update in the Platform (worked in Web Central)
DEV-17183Client - IGT file added to a repository as an external file behaves badly on checkout
DEV-17198Changing text color removes text in old shapes
DEV-17223Custom Shape Library with Built-In graphic does not show BPMN Indicators

Client Download

This is a Cloud release that was deployed for iGrafx Enterprise Cloud customers. The desktop client download below is intended for Cloud customers connecting to the iGrafx Cloud.

Please visit the iGrafx Platform and Desktop Client download pages to access the latest On-premises product versions and additional information about the packages.

Client Compatibility

For the best user experience, use the same version of the iGrafx Desktop client or the latest available as of this release. If you connect an older version of the iGrafx Desktop Client to a newer server new functionality won't be available and some previously existing functionality may become unavailable until you upgrade the iGrafx Desktop Client.

The minimum version of the iGrafx Desktop Client required to connect the iGrafx Platform is:  17.0 (See Deployment Note)

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