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Deactivate individual EULA acceptance form

Every user who accesses the iGrafx platform for the first time needs to confirm the EULA (End User License Agreement). You can deactivate the individual acceptance of the EULA if you have a special agreement with iGrafx in place which supersedes the general EULA. Please note that you violate the iGrafx license terms if you deactivate the EULA acceptance page and don't have a company wide agreement in place.

Step-by-step guide

Option 1 - Database flag

  1. Connect to the database hosting the administrative tables. If you are not sure what database this is, check the iGrafx platform page "Administration / Server Settings / Database Settings"
  2. Run the following query to add the flag to the configuration table:

    INSERT INTO AdmConfigurationVariables ([ConfVarName],[ConfVarClass],[ConfVarObject],[ReadOnly]) VALUES('igrafx.eulaacceptance.required', 'com.igrafx.shared.fields.BooleanCustomField', 'false', 1)
  3. Restart the application server

Option 2 - System Properties

  1. Add the parameter igrafx.eulaacceptance.required to the system properties of the application server, also known as JVM parameters. Set its value to false. Depending on the application server you use the specific location and syntax may vary, a common format would be:

  2. Restart the application server.

If you are not sure about the legal implications and if you are allowed to use this installation wide setting please consult with your iGrafx account manager.