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Add icons for file extensions

The iGrafx platform doesn't ship with icons for non-iGrafx file extensions, causing links to files with other extensions to show a generic icon. You can add those extension based icons by adding them to the iGrafx platform application extension folder.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Gather .png images of all icons for the file extension you want a custom indicator to show.
  2. Give the images a name in the format following the two examples for text and pdf files: ext_txt.png, ext_pdf.png
  3. Save them into the iGrafx base directory on the machine hosting the iGrafx platform into the subfolder extensions/icons/res
  4. Restart the iGrafx platform for the changes to take effect.

The location of the iGrafx base directory depends on the environment you use. If you don't know where this folder is located we recommend to read the documentation about Installing the iGrafx Plaform to learn about the default locations used.