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Configuring Repository Languages

Language Support

The iGrafx Platform UI fully supports 16 languages. The Info Center supports 8 of those languages and defaults to English for the others. See Language Support for more information.

Beyond supporting eight User Interface languages, the Platform also supports multilingual content in Web diagrams, IGX diagrams, Object names and objects Summary and Purpose fields.  In order to add additional content languages to a Repository:

  1. Go to the Repository Configuration area
  2. Go to the Languages tab
  3. Click ADD and pick the language you wish to add

Once a second language has been added to a Repository, a language control appears to the left of the logged in users name.

Individual users have control over the User Interface language and the preferred content language.  See the My Profile topic for more information on configuring the display languages.

The language region combinations are not all represented by flags.  For combinations which have a defined language and region, the region may be represented by a flag, or by it's two character code.  For combinations which only specify a language, a globe icon is shown in place of the flag or two character code.