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Licenses vs Capabilities Matrix

iGrafx provides two methods for defining user licenses and capabilities:

Customers upgrading to 17.2 can continue to use the User Extension Method if preferred.

To view your User License(s)

  1. Login to the iGrafx Platform
  2. Click your name in upper right corner of the Platform display
  3. Select the My Profile option
  4. In the right frame, choose the USER INFO tab
  5. See the License Assignment (User Licenses) or License Assignment (User Extensions) section

If your heading says License Assignment (User Extensions) then your capabilities are defined by the User Extension Method.

If you have multiple User Licenses assigned to you then you are granted the maximum, licensed capabilities.

User License Method (for use in version 17.2 or later)

This table highlights the iGrafx Platform capabilities enabled by specific User licenses and Platform Modules.

iGrafx PlatformUser License
Connect iGrafx Client
(FlowCharter, Process, or Process for Six Sigma)
View Approved Documents & Diagrams


Endorse Approved Documents & Diagrams (2)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)

View All Enterprise Objects, Dashboards & Reports

(tick)(5) (6)(tick)(tick)(tick)
View & Create Diagram Comments(tick)(5)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Review or Approve Documents & Diagrams (tick)(tick)(tick)
Add and Update non-iGrafx Documents (e.g. PDF, DOC, PPT, etc.) (tick)(tick)(tick)

Create & Edit Web Address Objects

Check-out & Check-in Client Documents & Diagrams
Start & Schedule Review, Approve & Endorse Cycles

Create, Edit, & Manage Web Diagrams (8)

Propose New Enterprise Objects From a Web Diagram (4)

Create & Edit Resource, Glossary & Term Objects  (tick)(tick)
Create & Edit Dashboards & Reports  (tick)(tick)
Create & Edit All Enterprise Objects (not requiring a Module) (3)   (tick)
Create Enterprise Objects From Web Diagram Proposals (4)

Create & Edit Diagram Shape Libraries

With "PRC" (Performance Risk & Control) Module
View PRC Data Values Displayed in Diagrams(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Edit PRC Data Values
Create & Edit Charts & Tables  (tick)(tick)
Create & Edit PRC Objects (Risks, Controls, KPIs, Opportunities (7))   (tick)
With "Automation" Module    
Participate in Automation Workflow(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) 
Edit Automation Properties  (tick)(tick) 
Deploy Process to Automation 
With "SAP" Module
View SAP Enterprise Objects Displayed in Diagrams(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Describe SAP Objects in Diagrams

Create & Edit SAP Objects

With "API" Module
Use the REST API to interact with the application in an automated fashion(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)

(1) iGrafx FlowCharter, Process, and Process for Six Sigma are Desktop Clients installed separately from the Platform.

(2) Web Diagrams are individually Endorsed, Reviewed, and Approved via Cycle Management.  Client diagrams are contained in .igx documents which are Reviewed, Approved, and Endorsed.

(3) Objects that can be edited without a module are: Strategy, Goal, Requirement, Process, External Agent, Resource, Interface, Service, Operation, Work Product, Class, (Web-authored) Diagram, (Client-authored) Document containing Diagrams, Shortcut, Glossary, Term, Dashboard, Report, Shape Library, Web Address, Journey, Moment, Touch, Product, Business Service and Capability (7).

(4) 17.4 and later

(5) 17.4.1 and later

(6) Viewers can only view Approved objects

(7) iGrafx Cloud 17.6 and later

(8) Journey Map Diagrams require the iGrafx Cloud (7)

User Extension Method (generally for use in versions 17.1 or earlier)

This table highlights the iGrafx Platform capabilities enabled by specific licenses and user extensions.

(tick) Enabled capability

(info) A "User" license is required for every Platform User

iGrafx PlatformUser Extension
(1) User(4) PRC(6) Automation(6) Automation
CollaboratorBPMN Web DiagrammerDesktop Connector(7) Desktop Connector Plus(4) PRC Designer(3) Business Modeler(5) SAP Modeler(2,3) Business Architect(5) SAP Architect
Log in to the iGrafx Platform and Connect to a Repository via Browser


View Repository Content / Files (except PRC Data)(tick)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)
Participate in Cycles (e.g., Review, Approve, Endorse) and Annotate(tick)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)(info)
Create / Edit Repository Folders    (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Add, Check in / Check out non-iGrafx Files    (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Perform Cycle Management    (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)

Create / Edit "Generic List or Table" Reports

Create / Edit , Check in / Check out Web Diagrams (9)     (tick) (tick)   (tick)(tick)
Propose New Enterprise Objects From a Web Diagram (8)


Create / Edit Resource, Glossary, and Term Objects     (tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Create / Edit Dashboards (non-PRC gadgets)     (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Open / Connect to a Platform Repository via Client      (tick)(tick)   (tick)(tick)
Add, Check in / Check out iGrafx Files (only available via Client)      (tick)(tick)   (tick)(tick)
Create / Edit  'Describes' Relationships in web-based Diagrams


Create / Edit  'Describes' Relationships in .igx-based Diagrams


Create / Edit Enterprise Objects         (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Create Enterprise Objects From Web Diagram Proposals (8)

Create / Edit Relationships among Enterprise Objects

Create / Edit "Generic Matrix" Reports        (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Create / Edit "Risk Map" Reports        (tick)  (tick)(tick)
Create / Edit PRC Gadgets on Dashboards        (tick)  (tick)(tick)
Add / Edit PRC Data (i.e., data points)        (tick)  (tick) (4)

(tick) (4)

Create / Edit Charts and Tables        (tick)  (tick)(tick)
View PRC Data (via any method - Charts, Tables, Gadgets, etc.) (tick)      (tick)  (tick)(tick)
Run Synchronization between Enterprise Modeler and Repository           (tick)(tick)
Create / Edit SAP Enterprise Objects          (tick) (tick)
Create / Design Process Automation Diagrams and Specifications   (tick)         
Participate in / Run Automated Processes  (tick)(tick)         

PRC = Performance, Risk and Controls

(1) "User" license required for every Platform User

(2) "Business Architect" comes with the functionality of the Desktop Client with Desktop Connector Plus,  as well as the Enterprise Modeler and Sync tools.

(3) Requires the Architecture Platform Extension.

(4) Requires the PRC Platform Extension

(5) Requires the SAP Platform Extension

(6) Requires the Automation Platform Extension

(7) Requires purchase of dedicated Desktop Client

(8) 17.4 and later

(9) Journey Map Diagrams require the iGrafx Cloud 17.6 and later